The 2021 Biosimilar Medicines Virtual Summit will explore the latest developments in biosimilar medicines policies and look at future opportunities and challenges in this field. In a novel online format, each live session will be complemented by resources such as recorded interviews and presentations, infographics and reports. Registration for this summit will be free and will grant access to a website containing all the related material.

Both the #EUPharmaStrategy & #EUCancerPlan highlighted the importance of repurposing well-known molecules as a strategy to find new treatments💊

Find more on our #VAMweek report 📄

During Session 4 of the #IGBAMEDICINESFOREU conference panelists will discuss
➡️medicines expenditure optimisation,
➡️pricing and reimbursement models
➡️procurement reforms
➡️fair pricing
to obtain a well-functioning market.
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Our #VAMweek report explores how continuous innovation leading to the development of #ValueAddedMeds lowers R&D times and costs, delivering more accessible and affordable innovation for everyone💡

Read more on our #VAMweek report

Our Chair for the #ValueAddedMeds sector group discussed with @PharmaReview the importance of VAMs in achieving sustainable innovation, showing how existing molecules can offer various benefits for both patients & the healthcare sector💊

One week left to apply to our opening as a Regulatory Officer (Telematics, Digital).
The person covering this role would manage essential European regulatory and policy initiatives and projects with a key emphasis on telematic tools.

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